Welcome to Property Care Extraordinaire

Duties and Expectations:


  • To provide a caring and loving environment for your pets.


  • We want to hand back your pets, sad to see us go, but pleased that you are home.


  • Maintaining a standard of care for your home and pets equivalent to your expectations.


  • We try to leave your house, gardens and all belongings in as good or better condition than when they were intrusted to us. Often we are able to leave a touch of our art.


  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of your home, pets and belongings.

Tasks we can perform during our house sitting stays:


  • Pet Care


  • Cleaning and general housekeeping


  • Gardening and landscape maintenance


  • Garbage disposal and recycling


  • Pool and spa maintenance


  • Forwarding mail, phone messages, and important documents


  • Coordinating day help, such as gardeners and maids


  • E-mail or Skype communications as wanted or needed


  • Daily diary of household happenings



Each caretaking situation is a unique experience with its own individual needs. We will complete, with the owners help, a thorough checklist of instructions, before the property is left in our care. This will include, but not limited to instructions for the following items:

  • Pet care, feeding times, exercise schedules, favorite spots, grooming, vet visits, medication dosing, and idiosyncrasies.
  • Lawn and garden care, including the equipment used for these purposes and the maintenance of a sprinkler system.
  • Houseplant care, fertilizing and watering schedule.
  • Pool and spa maintenance and reading chemical levels.
  • Security cases and alarm systems.
  • Trash and recycling collection.
  • Visitors, maids, gardeners, trades people etc.
  • Where the electric panel box, main water shut off, and any other utility controls.
  • Emergency contact numbers.