Missoula, Montana 2022 & 2023

July 2022 & 2023

To Whom This May Concern:

Rick and Linda are marvelous people. They did a house sit for  10 days in late June 2022 and in July of 2023.  They provided wonderful care for our Mastiff and kept our home with care and attention to detail. They even provided us with a 'welcome home' meals upon our return.

They serenaded our Lily with music and gave her great attention and love. Lily typically fawns over us after an absence. This time she welcomed us but kept her eye on Rick and Linda hoping they would stay on as well.

They are kind and generous and if you are lucky enough to have them come to your home, you will be amazed at what they provide.  We have asked them return for our next trip and they have accepted the invitation.  


Jo & Mike Jakupcak


Santa Fe, New Mexico 2021

September 30th, 2021


We asked Linda and Rick to take care of our home, in Santa Fe New Mexico,  from September 7th - 16th.  After going through their web site and visiting with them on the phone, we decided they were the right people for this position.   We were very pleased we picked them and that they accepted.

We appreciated their offer to take us to the airport for a 6:00am flight, as an older couple it was a relief not to have to drive ourselves.  Our home is filled with collections of art from 30 years of collecting, we needed the home to be lived in and securely locked when left.  It was unusually hot during the time we were gone, so the plantings around the home needed daily hand watering.  We returned to a well maintained yard and home.  They also offered to pick us up at the airport from a late evening flight.   There was a wonderful array of healthy snacks for us to partake of when we got back to our home.

We would highly recommend Linda and Rick for a house sitting position and would welcome them back to our home.


Virginia and Maurice Lierz

Cell Phone:  505-670-9604


Chino Valley, Arizona 2020

To Whom this may concern,

Linda and Rick housesat for 2 weeks August-September 2020, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. My home is located in the outback of Arizona with somewhat rough dirt roads and wildlife. That didn’t faze them one bit. They arrived promptly as planned, and stayed in touch periodically while I was gone. I appreciated the updates with photos of my cat. She appeared well cared for at my return. The garden had been watered as I’d asked, and the house was spotless. I couldn’t have asked for more. I would welcome them again and highly recommend them to others.

Carla Woody

928.778.1058 |

Cloverdale, Oregon 2020

To Whom This May Concern,

Linda and Rick were such a pleasure to have in my home. They were kind, respectful, and instant friends. When we returned home, our animals were all happy and relaxed.  They took care of cats, chickens and our two large dogs.  Our home was left clean and in order.

They enjoyed and were comfortable being out in the country.  

They were wonderful to communicate with and I felt very relaxed knowing they were there while we were away. I knew they could handle any issue that may arise. They also were friendly with our neighbors and respectful of the quiet rural setting.  

I would welcome them back anytime. Thanks again Linda and Rick!

Molly and Brent Ricks


7215 Mill Road

Cloverdale, Oregon

Arriondas, Spain 2019


                                       Trustworthy, Handy, Animal lovers,

                                 That know how to look after your home!

Linda and Rick looked after our house for nearly two months over the Summer. They did a fantastic job! We came home to not only a lovely clean house but a vastly improved home!

Our property is an ongoing project and they worked incredibly hard continuing it’s progress while we were away. The highlight of their work was the ‘goat play house’ - somewhere for us to put our naughty goats when they escape. It has changed life at the farm for us!

We also came home to a healthy, happy group of animals.  They are tidy, organized reliable and good communicators.   You can be rest assured your home and pets are in great hands with Linda and Rick!


Katie Stacy and Luke Massey


5 Star house sitters

Rick and Linda Byam looked after our house and animals for three weeks in September / October 2018. What a delightful couple they are - good fun and extremely capable.

Our 2 dogs really appreciated the long walks and the affection they got. They were very well and happy when we came home. Our cat (who has never been known to show affection towards us!) sat on Linda's lap for cuddles.

They were equally efficient and effective in watering plants and cleaning the house. They are very serious about their responsibilities as housekeepers. They also kept us in touch with their plans for getting to Brittany so we did not worry about whether they were going to turn up or not.

We have had many house sitters over the years and Rick and Linda are with the best.


Linda and Mike Reason



Joe and Rick Child

Mo Pequeno, Pedrogao Grande


00 351 969 729693       00 351 926 044130   

To Whom This May Concern,

Linda and Rick came to look after our home in Portugal for 4 weeks the summer/fall of 2017.  They went above and beyond expectations, spending a considerable amount of time and effort weeding, pruning and tidying the garden.  They maintained the pool wonderfully and   kept the home very neat.  They also had a delicious meal prepared for us, on our return.

The animals as well were really well looked after.  They took the time to train one of our dogs in better behaviour on the lead.  They also coped admirably with unexpected hay deliveries and a few unscheduled repairs.

They kept us updated with some photos and regular e-mails, which we really enjoyed receiving.

We would definitely recommend them as house sitters, anyone could leave their home in the care of Linda and Rick with complete confidence.

We would be more than happy to be contacted by any home owners, if they need a personal recommendation.

Kindest Regards,

Jo and Rick Child



Katrin Fletter

10325 SW Cemetery Rd.

Vashon, WA 98070


Second House-sit      May 2017

Dear Linda and Rick

Just getting my schedule in better order here and wanted to take a minute to thank you both for such a good housesit and animal care.  As I work in the garden and putter about the house I keep noticing things and wanted to thank you for you "special touches".          The beadwork on the hummingbird feeder, the glass on glass mosaic in the garden, the replaced boards on the way to the chicken coop, or the special care in putting things back where you found them.  With Bailey loosing her eyesight completely, and needing extra care, along with the other aging animals, you were our first and desired choice to be here at out home.

I am so glad we rearranged our vacation time, to match with your availability!  Let us know when you want another work vacation on Vashon.


June 4, 2016

Reference for Linda and Rick Byam

In a word, "awesome."  I have been using house sitters for 20 years and have had some excellent ones and some not so great ones.  Linda and Rick fall well into the excellent category.  They are wonderful from start (home cooked dinner on the day before we left) to finish (house in spic and span shape.)

They are personable, communicate well, follow your routines, make friends with the neighbors, and treat your animals like their own children.  Each dog received their own special love and needs.  We were very pleased with how good they looked which indicated that they really paid attention to all their special quirks and medical needs.  We loved seeing the pictures of Rick playing harmonica on the back deck while Dina Doberwoman smiled, Bailee the cocker nestled contentedly at his side and Veronica the chicken accompanying him.

The garden, which is huge and was in full production, was well tended and with the unexpected hot weather did not suffer a lack of watering.  It was a joy to see it thriving so well after my 3 week absence.  I loved the touches of vases refiled with fresh flowers to greet us.

Both Linda and Rick show lots of initiative in the care they take of their housesit.  For example, my clumsy attempt to keep pigeons and squirrels out of the bird feeders was addressed by making attractive wire enclosures, adding decorative beads and ingenious pipes the squirrels found hard to climb.

You will find Linda and Rick to be mature, thoughtful, conscientious and resourceful housesitters.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Katrin Fletter


August 30th 2016

To Whom This May Concern:

We cannot say enough about how Linda and Rick took such great care of our large dog, Nootka and our home.  Everything was clean and the yard was even swept!  We really appreciated the care they took.  They walked Nootka twice a day to a school yard,  which allows the neighborhood dogs to play there after or before school hours.  They are outgoing and friendly and met some of our friends during these dog exercise times.  They even taught one of our friends to juggle.  She was ecstactic about this, since she had wanted to learn for several years. 

They also introduced themselves to our neighbors and shared some of the fruit off our trees that was ripe and falling on the ground.  Of course they communicated with us via e-mail and checked to make sure this was okay, before they gave the fruit away.  This was exactly what we would have done ourselves, and were impressed with their thoughtfulness.

We would love to have them come again, for our next trip.  We have also invited them to stay with us if they ever need a place to stay in Seattle.  We would love the opportunity to get to know them more.   You would be fortunate if they could do a house-sit for you!


Dan Stroh  and Lucie Huang

2355 SW 25th  Seattle, WA




October 8, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are reading this and considering asking Linda & Rick Byam to house sit for you then you probably don't realize yet how fortunate you will be if they can fit you in!

We were complete house sitting novices when we initially posted our advert looking for someone to mind our dog, two cats and house for two weeks in September and were lucky enough to get Linda and Rick.  Naturally we were a bit nervous leaving our pets with strangers but we were reassured very quickly that they had great experience with a variety of different house sits, were totally respectul of people's homes and most importantly for, a wonderful love of animals, big and small.

By the time we got to meet Linda & Rick here in Ireland we already knew they were going to be great.  We'd had lovely communications by email, which had answered any of our questions and we admired their willingness to throw themselves into an Irish adventure and the general sense of 'get up and go' and fun that we got from them.  We knew after spending the evening with them prior to our departure that everything was in safe hands and so it proved to be.  Other references they have posted on their site will explain to you how beautifully they kept house, how meticulously Linda will take all the important information from you before you head off, regarding plumbers, vets, etc 'just in case".   

How sweet they were in preparing something to eat on the night we arrived back, how fantastic it was to get the emails and photos showing our pets having a great, stress free time when being minded - and that is all true.  Linda and Rick did all of that, when sitting for us.  But we got more than that.  Poppy, our large, overly friendly, (demanding!!) dog is on daily medication since she had an operation to repair her cruciate ligament and her exercise needs to be managed.  Wilson, one of cats, is on a special diet since he had kidney stone trouble and Orki, our other cat is a basket case - in short, our animals, high maintenance all, needed experienced and patient minding!  This is the first holiday in a long time where I haven't been worried about how they were getting on, I really knew they were being well cared for.

The other lovely thing about having Linda & rick house sit for us was how well they got on with all our neighbours, who were genuinely very sorry to see them go.  They taught my neighbours kids how to juggle - how cool is that?!

It's really no exaggeration to say we had a wonderful experience for our first sit and Linda & Rick will be a very hard act to follow!  They are welcome back to our home anytime, to house sit or just to visit.  We really hope to see them again and wish Rick & Linda all the best in their future travels.

We would be delighted to answer any emails that you might have in relation to our house-sitting experience with Linda and Rick.

Yours Sincerely,

Clare  & Cormac Sheil

Mashanaglass, Macroom

Co Cork, Ireland.


October 8, 2014

Nicole & Dominic James

36 Lindford Drive

Norwich  NR4 7LR  United Kingdom


To Whom It May Concern:

Linda & Rick Byam house & cat-sat for us for 5 weeks over the Summer of 2014.  To say that they are exceptional at this job is an understatement.  They put us at ease from the moment we made contact, and consistently stayed in communication throughout the planning phase of the trip.  They were travelling quite a distance from Montana to Norwich, England, and we're so glad that they did!

We picked Linda & Rick up from the bus station the day before we left, so we had a few hours to get to know each other before the jet lag set in.  They are warm, intelligent, soulful people who clearly connect to everyone that they met.  We went for a walk in the Norfolk Broads and we were so interested to hear about their many adventures, it almost felt as if we weren't leaving the next day for our own!

They both understand the stresses of leaving a home and a pet for an extended amount of time, and each have incredible strengths in this area - Linda has a folder in which she keeps all the vital information, while Rick surveys the property for potential hazards or mishaps.  We left secure in the knowledge that if the boiler were to blow, these are people "in the know".  Linda kept in touch via email each week, sending pictures of the cat looking happier than she normally does in the warmth of August.  By the time we returned home, they had settled right into Norwich life, having made fast friends with our neighbours.  Rick had prepared a gorgeous meal, and we shared some wine and travel talk in the fading sun on the terrace - an excellent way to end our holiday.

We were sad to see them go, because their energy and spirit certainly remained in our home long after they'd left.  The garden was a dream,

clearly loved and cared for in our absence, with magic touches of 'Byam Art' scattered in and amoungst the leaves.  I still smile every time I come across one of the little wire-hanger creations tucked into a plant.  The house was impeccable and the cat looked healthier and more relaxed than I've ever seen her.  In fact, Linda and Rick are the best kind of house-sitters, they do everything just a bit better than I could ever do it myself.

I cannot recommend them enough, and hope them the most joyous of adventures along their travels.  They are positive, exciting people who will care for your home, garden and animals with love.

Best wishes,

Nicole and dominic James


Dear Property Owner,

It is my pleasure to give the highest recommendation possible to Rick and Linda Byam in their capacity as property sitters.  I have a large, very private property in the Yucatan of Mexico, that includes three vacation rentals.  I also have five dogs and one cat who are very important to me, both as guardians of my property and because I am an animal lover who tends to view my pets as family.

Rick and Linda could not have been more wonderful, both to my pets, and to my property.  Rick is incredibly handy, there were  numerous things that he did, including building a trellis, a stand for a canoe and repairs to two of the rental units.  There were many other small improvements that were made, that I continue to find.

Linda kept in constant e-mail contact to make sure the arrangements for the rentals went smoothly.  I also left them with several major property improvements to oversee, including a new well, repairs to the dock and main entry gate.  They made the coordination between the workmen, and daily help go smoothly, including handling of payments.

They are both naturally great housekeepers, and so my house was in perfect order when I came home, including a wonderful "welcome back" dinner.  They are delightful and honorable people who would never consider doing anything less than their very best.  This is the first time I have ever returned from a trip where my dogs were only "pleased" to see me.  They had been cared for with such wonderful affection.

I have asked them to return anytime they can, as my guests and fiends.  Of course I would love to have them take care of my home and pets, while I am away on my next vacation.

I have an American cell 503-347-8516 if you have any specific questions.  You can also contact or write me at:


Ginny Bass


To Whon This May Concern:  Are you looking for a house-sitter?

This was our first time experience in having house-sitters stay in our home while we were on vacation from Sept. to Oct.  2012, for 4 weeks.  Linda and Rick came highly recommended through mutual friends in Bremen Germany.

Now that we have met them, we fell in love with  them and found out, we have so much in common with them.  They are wonderful people with down to earth common sense, honest, considerate and very conscientious.  They not only took excellent care of our 2 small Papillon dogs, Sabrina and Sunshine, but also our house, pool, and park like garden with our big hill and many house plants.  We had them come 2 days prior to our leaving and went through the instructions lists of the does and don'ts.  LInda is very professional in writing everything down.

By the time we came home from the East coast, they had nachos for us and a dinner waiting (Rick is a great cook.)  We are sooo happy with them, that we asked them to come back next year in May, when our travels will take us to Germany.  I am sure there is lots more for them to see in Southern California.  They are interested in everything and very well traveled.

Henry and Helen Dier

5780 Kelvin Ave.

Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Phone:  818-887-1980



October 15th - November 16th 2011

To Whom This May Concern:

Linda and Rick are wonderful house careers.  This lovely couple clearly love taking care of other people's houses and enjoy immensely the areas that they get to stay and the people they meet.  Linda's Spanish skills are more than adequate for the tasks involved in dealing with people who only speak Spanish.  Rick is a very competent fix it guy who was never at a loss figuring out my complicated water and electrical systems.

They stayed in frequest contact with me via emails (with photos) and on Skype, so that I felt reassured that all was well with my four dogs and two cats.  They took wonderful care of my pets, walking them daily and keeping them clean and well fed and watered.

While they were here a hurricane threatened to strike the Yucatan and they took excellent care of my property.  They removed both my boats from the lake using my trailers and a friend's truck, cleared my yard of all potential flying hazards and secured my electronic equipmen, Hobie Cat, and outdoor kitchen area.  I could not have done better myself.  Thankfully the hurricane did not strike land.

I will definitely offer to let them house sit again if they want.  In fact they are welcome to come visit me as friends and stay and visit, just like my family and friends are.  If you are consideriing a house carer you should stop  looking and ask Linda and Rick Byam to house care for you.

Jimmy Clarizio

Portland Phone Number:  503-213-4064



June 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Linda and Rick looked after our house and darling dog in Savusavu on Vanua Levu in Fiji, for 7 weeks, from mid April 2010.  We are cautious about who we choose to house sit for us as 'real' life in the tropics does not suit everyone.  Linda and Rick fitted into island life with ease.  Their house sitting was excellent.  The garden was well maintained, the house spotless and the dog very very happy.  I couldnot recommend them more highly to house sit in a tropical setting.  We had no worries at all that they would let us down.

On top of their house sitting, they started a reading program at the schools, taught juggling and endeared themselves to all the Savusavu expats and locals alike.

They had to deal with a huge upheaval in the front garden as the road was prepared for sealing.  There was mud, dust, trenches, hedges destroyed and driveway devastated.  They talked with the road workers and kept us informed of what was happening and what needed to be done. We feel terrible that they had to deal with this, we were so lucky that they were there.  We could not have done a better job ourselves.

I know they will be missed in Savusavu.  We would welcome them back to housesit again for us anytime, as would many of our friends in Fiji.  We consider ourselves so lucky that they replied to our house sitting advert, and that they came to our home in Fiji.  If they reply to your advert don't hesitate to accept them.  We are happy to answer any further questions you may have, please email us.

Thank you Linda and Rick

Suzie and Peter Ilina


Dear Linda and Rick,

I would like to thank both of you for the assistance you rendered to us while here in Savusavu.  You offered your expertise free to those needy students and what you have contributed has helped a lot in their life.  We may not have given you any reward for your great help, but will pray that God enriches your life and your family with all his blessings.  We hope to meet another time in Savusavu and I look forward to more assistance for the school from you in the future.  Have a safe trip back home and may God bless you.

Master Isoa Qeleni

Yaroi School

Savusavu, Fiji


October 2009,

To Whom It May Concern:

We are happy to take this opportunity to write a recommendation for Linda and Rick Byam as outstanding house sitters.  They came to Vermont for a month in 2009 and cared for our home, grounds and most importantly, our two young and lively cockapoos.  I can easily say they were the best house sitters we have had, and we would love to have them house sit for us again in the future.

When we returned home, we found the house spotless. In addition, the Byams had repaired an annoying toilet, done extra work in the gardens for us and kept in contact with our real estate agent.   We have our home listed for sale.

We had an unexpected issue come up that required us to extend our time away from home.  Rick and Linda were really helpful in making the necessary arrangements, for this to happen.  The Byams are very honest, pleasant, cooperative and dependable people, and we cannot recommend them too highly.

Anyone wishing to talk to us directly, please feel free to e-mail us at the following address;


Ian Stott and Nancy Wright



To Whom It May Concern:

We had Rick & Linda Byam housesit for us for 3 weeks in September 2008 while we vacationed overseas.  We have a large property along with two fairly needy dogs.  It was our hope that our house and especially the dogs would be given plenty of TLC while we were away.

After meeting them the day before our departure, we just knew that everything would be in good hands.  We were struck by their enthusiasm and goodwill.  This was a couple we could trust our home to, no question.  It was such a relief to know that while we were far away, what matters so much to us would be truly cared for.

Rick & Linda certainly took full charge of their responsibilities, in such a heartfelt & enthusiastic way.  Our dogs were given so much attention and exercise.  The house was as clean as it was before we left & the property very tidy.  We appreciated their e-mailed updates along the stages of our vacation, knowing we would arrive home to happy dogs.  They even picked us up at the airport very late at night.

We would highly recommend Rick & Linda to anyone; we would love to have them back in 2010 to take care of our home & dogs again during our next overseas trip.


Janelle & Scott Miller

Portland, OR



Corlette NSW 2315

To Anyone considering Using A House-sitter:

We whole-hearedly recommend Rick & Linda Byam.  They have just done a sit for us for 9 days while we went away to get married.  We returned home to find both our house and yard immaculate (better than we left it)!  There were fresh flowers on the table and fresh milk in the fridge for a cuppa!

They took care of our 2 big dogs Max and Jessie so well.  Usually when we get back from a holiday they howl and get incredibly excited - this time they just said hi and ran in looking for Rick and Linda!  They definitely achieved their mission statement.  The dogs will be knocking down the back door for us to walk them as often as Rick and Linda did.

You will find the Byam's to be warrm and friendly and very easy to get along with. (Our 4 year old son will miss them too - along with the dogs!)  They are great with animals and graciously accommodated our special instructions regarding our old dog.

No doubt Rick & Linda will be back in the States before our next holiday, but we would not hesitate to invite them back into our home.  This was our first experience using house sitters and with the Byam's it was a 100% positive experieince.

Kind Regards,

Luke & Lauren Thiele

Phone:  (61) 02 4981 2212

Sydney     89 Croydan Ave.   Croydon Park, NSW

To Whom This May Concern,

Linda and Rick Byam took care of our pets, home and gardens, while we went to England.  They far surpassed our expectations and we would love to have them be available every time we go on vacation.  They have great animal sense and took exceptional care of our two large dogs and two cats.  The dogs so missed their long walks and co

The gardens got weeded, bushes trimmed, lawn mowed and everything swept and cleaned up.  It will be hard to keep it as neat as they had it, when we returned.  The inside of the home was immaculate and there was a delicious meal prepared for us when we returned from our trip.   They also watched the neighbors home when they left for Christmas.

If you have the opportunity to use their services, then count yourself lucky.  Please e-mail if you have any questions.


Lou and Tony



To Whom It May Concern:

Rick and Linda Byam recently house sat for us on our ranch in Colorado from November last year until May 1st of 2007.  Duties included care and feeding of our horses and cats, operating and maintaining the livestock water fountains, general oversight of the ranch and rental house, in addition to our house.  We have a large landscaped area with many trees and plantings that needed water over the winter.

We met on the internet and messaged back and forth regarding our needs and concerns and all were addressed and settled by the time we actually met in person.  Because Rick and Linda are so capable and efficient, we felt very comfortable and were able to leave everything in their care within a day.

Several things came up during our absence including frozen water faucets, a broken main water line, house repairs, etc., all were handled and fixed with no further problems involved.  We were kept informed of the progress regarding the larger situations and were satisfied to leave the smaller ones to Rick and Linda's own good judgment without ever giving it a second thought.

We arrived home to find our house in a much better condition inside and out than when we left it.  The gardens and trees looked as though they had a full time caretaker of their own.  Numerous small things like sticky doors and ill-fitting window shutters were repaired and new shelving and organizers that make ranch life easier are welcome additions.

We have never met anyone with a capacity to give of themselves that Rick and LInda have.  Their ability to see life in a happy and energetic way as they go about their daily routine, spreads to all that surrounds them.  We feel extremely fortunate to have met and would gladly have them return to our ranch at any time.  Anyone looking for competence, integrity and a remarkable ability to adapt to new surroundings and repsponsibilities, need look no further, than Rick and Linda Byam.


Dan Miller and MaryBeth Simon

2912 West County Road 80

Wellington, CO  80549


Phone:  970-443-7118


To Whom It May Concern:

Rick and Linda  Byam bounded into our community in mid November.  They fit like a glove immediately.  They are absolutely the happiest and most energetic couple I have ever met.  A true joy to be around.  They have helped us in immeasurable ways.


Monte and Jan Davis



To Whom It May Concern:

Rick and Linda Byam have lived the past 6 months at our neighbor's ranch.  They are a talented and hard-working couple with whom we have spent many wonderful times.

They fit in perfectly with our community, helping and working with all neighbors in special ways - caring for an 85 year old rancher, organizing and building at various neighbor's homes, cooking and serving meals, and joining in all activities in our Buckeye community.  You will never find a better couple to take care of your home!


Kate Hendren and Kathy DeSmith

3310 West County Road 80


Phone:  970-568-0631

WASHINGTON D.C. - 2004 & 2006

To Whom This May Concern:

If Linda and Rick express interest in your house sitting opportunity, do not hesitate to engage their services.  They took are of our home and pets for a month in the fall of 2004 and we were fortunate enough to have them come again in February of 2006.  We could not have been happier with the arrangements.  When we returned the house was immaculate and the lawn and flower beds looked as though they had been cared for by professional landscapers.  In February they did winter maintenance of the property.

They have a definite love for animals and clearly did a wonderful job looking after our cat and aquarium.  We cannot express strongly enough how pleased we were to have found them through and we would not hesitate to ask them to housesit for us again.


Mark Adams and David Mitchell

4111 Legation St. N.W.

Washington D.C.  20015-2919

Phone:  202-244-8922

STUHR, GERMANY - 2005 & 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

We engaged Linda and Rick Byam from Billings, Montana to come and housesit for the month of August 2005 and asked them to return in August-September 2006.  They furnished us with a background check and lots of information about themselves so we were fairly sure that they were the suitable people for us, to have look after our large luxury home and two cats.

They arrived a couple of days prior to our departure so we could settle them in and after meeting them we were very happy to leave them in charge of our home and precious cats, while we holidayed in Greece.

We required them to maintain our swimming pool, plants and home as well as feeding and caring for the cats.  When we arrived back from our holiday, the house was immaculate and the cats were very contented.  The pool was well maintained and the plants all thriving.  Linda and Rick had the use of two bicycles and a car and these were also very well looked after.  They also very kindly cooked us a lovely meal upon our return.

They are more than welcome to come and housesit for us any other time and we can absolutely recommend them to anyone else considering them for a house-sitting position.  We find Linda and Rick to be extremely conscientious, honest, open and kind people and consider ourselves lucky to have had them housesit for us.  We would be happy to discuss this reference personally if required at the following number.  We wish Rick and Linda the best of luck and many more enjoyable house-sitting positions in the future.


Diana & Sven Hangert

Ulmenweg 1

Stuhr, Germany  28816

+49 (0) 4206 445757