This letter is in reference to our work experience with Rick & Linda Byam in the Listing and Selling of their home at 1638 Stony Meadow Ln., Billings, Montana.   Having known the Byam's for some time, my wife and I have always been impressed with their wonderful skills and abilities that shine in all they set their hands and hearts to do. Rick and Linda are hardworking and diligent people. The characteristic that shines through above all is that they truly enjoy life to the fullest! Smiling, laughing, and joking, we always feel so welcomed when we are with them. We come away each time feeling refreshed and encouraged.

On to their work! The home was truly a one of kind. Custom throughout, their home had been beautifully maintained and updated. It was immaculate. Featuring precision-stained glass windows, craftsman quality built-in storage, custom desk, and benches along with a custom fabricated metal staircase with stained-glass accents. All built and installed by Rick and Linda! Outside featured even more of the talent and expression of both. Flower beds, custom welded art with stained-glass accents, and beautiful sitting areas. Making it a miniature paradise. Beyond what you would normally see, the home continued to unfold with character, surprise, and charm.

Here is a great illustration of their character and abilities: Upon inspection the buyer requested a handrail in the garage leading up to the storage area. Rick and Linda went above and beyond by fabricating a custom metal handrail with balusters, all firmly attached. It was wonderfully finished with beautiful stained-glass insets to match the interior staircase of the home. No questions asked, this is just a normal day’s work for this duo!

They both are simply remarkable people, truly gifted with unique talents. They are caring and conscientious and we could not recommend anyone else more highly than Rick and Linda Byam when it would come to the care, maintenance, and attention to detail of their own property or anyone else’s property that they would be entrusted with!

Tony & Joy Gaffke


Century 21 Hometown Brokers, Inc.


Linda has maintained a small private pool and worked at a public pool; lifeguarding, cleaning, vacuuming and checking chemical levels.  She also has maintained a hot tub for several years.

We have operated the following types of lawn maintenance equipment; lawn tractors, lawn mowers, sweepers, trimmers, blowers, chain saws, irrigation pumps & equipment and all types of hand tools.

Rick has a complete cabinet woodworking shop along with a metal working shop.

We both grew up in agricultural communities.  Rick on a small hay and animal farm, Linda working at neighboring mint farms and orchards.  Our animal husbandry skills, incude care of horses, mules, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens and of course the dogs, cats and birds. 

Between us, we have operated many types of farm and road construction equipment; tractors, trucks, stock trailers, backhoes, graders, loaders, and forklifts.  As a wonderful hobby we both have done work with horse drawn equipment, including hay mowing, wagon work and skidding.

January 30, 2015


This letter is in reference to my work experience with Rick & Linda Byam in the Listing and Selling of their rental units.  I have been selling Real Estate for 28 years and can definitely say the Byam's are, some of the most pleasant, efficient and conscientious people I have had the pleasure to work with.

The last rental unit I sold for them they had done a great job remodeling and updating with new flooring, new grante counter tops, modernized lighting throughout, bathroom upgraded with new vanity, mirror, and toilet, new interior paint, upgraded window blinds and new paint on the fence and deck.

All of the above work was done by Rick & Linda except the flooring.  The Byam's are very skilled people which is evident in the work I have seen.  This should tell you how they take care of their own property when they keep their rentals in this kind of condition.

I can not stress enough they joy I have had working with Rick & Linda.  I was always treated with respect and appreciated by them more than you know.  All I can say about the Byam's is if you have the chance to meet them or work with them you will be amazed at the exceptional people they are.

Bernadette Blaylock

Broker Associate

AAA Realty, Inc.

Phone:  406-252-9001

Cell Phone:  406-855-1397

November 13, 2012

Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to my experience working with Rick & Linda Byam in the listing and selling of their rental unit.  I have been selling Real Estate for 25 years and have to say the Byam's were one of the most pleasant, efficient and conscientious people I have had the pleasure to work with.

I had the Byam's rental unit sold and even though the unit was sold they completely washed down the whole outside of the house, cleaned the inside and had it spotless for the new owners.  Believe me the unit was in very very nice shape to start with.  They kept a close eye on the rental and when they were checking they found out the refrigerator was not cooling.  They gave money to the buyer go out and purchase a new refrigerator.  Not many sellers I know would have bought a brand new refrigerator instead of putting in a used one.

In my mind this more than tells me the type of people the Byams' are.  If anyone every had a question about the integrity of the Byam's my answer would be exceptional.


Bernadette Blaylock

Broker Associate

AAA Realty Inc.

Phone:  406-252-9001

Cell Phone:  406-855-1397

To Whom It May Concern:

In May of 2006 I was called by Rick and Linda Byam (whom I had not met before) to do a Market Analysis on their home at 1951 Phoebe Drive in Billings, MT.  Upon arriving at the property I immediately knew, just from the exterior, this house was going to be special.  Upon entering the home I was prepared for something nice but was not prepared for something THIS nice.  The detailing and custom features in this home were something you would only normally see in homes priced at the top end of the Billings Real Estate market.  The attention to design, quality and custom craftsmanship is truly impressive.  The Byams had done all the work themselves and it appeared as it if was completed by one of Billings Top builders.  I sold the house to the first buyer that looked at it and frankly he couldn't believe what a special property I had found for him.  It sold at full price and set a record for area for price $$/per Sq. Ft.  Please feel free to call me with any questions.


Ron S. Thom

Prudential Floberg Realtors


To Whom It May Concern:

During our residency in the Riverbend community, Rick and Linda Byam have been an amazing attribute to our home and us.  Their multi-talents including carpentry, auto mechanics, landscaping and animal care; have helped us on many occasions.

Just recently, Rick and Linda worked together to make our small rustic home into a beautifully landscaped country cottage.  Their work here included painting the house, building an attractive banister for the deck, constructing a garden building, falling trees and major yard work over our two acres of land.  Our family was amazed at their efficiency and rare talent to make this house a home!

We have had the honor to know not just Rick and Linda, but their loving animals as well.  Their pain staking care and love they give to their animals, as well as their immaculate property, is a quility rarely seen.

The combination of Rick and Linda's talents are extremely valuable.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hard-working, dedicated team.


Jody Warnsdorfer

601 Riverbend Loop Road

Cusick, WA  99110

509_ 445-2642

September 26, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Linda and Rick Byam for the position of caretakers for which they are applying.  Linda was an outstanding physical educator with the Spokane School District from 1987 until she retired in June 2003.  Rick did volunteer work with Linda for the same amount of time.  Their dedication was seen in their ability to relate to staff, students and peers as well as their desire to grow professionally through workshops and conferences.  They created a program at Roosevelt Elementary that was unmatched in it's effectiveness with students.  This program was not just for students it also involved the whole staff and community of Roosevelt Elementary.

Linda and her husband Rick are an exceptional couple.  They managed to put together a performing group of young people.  This outstanding group of children would perform by juggling and riding unicycles for different schools and organizations.  The time and dedication that Linda and Rick gave to this group was above and beyond the call of duty.

Linda and Rick were kind and caring with her students while offering clear expectations that are a standard.  They were role models for all to follow both in their professional and personal life.  Excellent rapport with people is a strength Linda and Rick possess.  Both are perceived as genuine, open, honest and fair people.

The Byam's are dedicated to whatever is asked of them.  Both have coached many types of sports in the district.  They also could be found at any conference or workshop that they felt would benefit them and their profession.

Linda and Rick would be an asset to any organization and could fulfill the duties of any position they attempt.  They are flexible, versatile, in their knowledge, prompt with assignments and can always be counted on to do an excellent job.  They are extremely dedicated, self-motivators who are looking forward to the next challenge in their life as a retired couple.


Karen Cowan

Coordinator K-12 Fitness and Health and Activities

Spokane Public Schools